Hyvor Blogs comes with a few pre-built themes (see Themes). When you create a blog, the default theme, Hello, will be copied to your blog. You can change the theme or edit theme files to customize your blog.

If you want to develop a custom theme, visit the Theme Development page.

Changing Theme

To change the theme of your blog,

  • Visit the Theme section in the Hyvor Blogs Console.
  • Click the Change button.
  • Select a theme from the list.

Important: Changing the theme will overwrite all the theme files in your blog. If you have made any changes to the theme files, you will lose them.

Editing Theme Files

You can also edit the theme files of your blog to customize it. To edit theme files, go to the Theme section in the Hyvor Blogs Console. You will see all the theme files listed. Click on a file to edit it.

config.yaml has all theme configurations such as fonts, colors, and other settings. All template files are in the templates directory.