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Hyvor Blogs is a simple & powerful platform to start a fully customizable blog.

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Main Features

Powerful Console

Hyvor Blogs provides a Console to manage multiple blogs at the same time. It includes all the tools you need to publish and manage your posts. Our Rich Text editor is easy-to-use, and supports most essential features for rich blogging like text styling, image uploading, embedding, and link previews.

Custom Themes

Installing an official theme only takes a few clicks. Any web developer with experience in HTML and CSS can build a custom theme for you. We provide a comman line tool for local theme development. You can also easily edit theme files in the Console.

Note: Hyvor Blogs is not a drag-and-drop website building software.

Host Anywhere

By default, your blog will be hosted at a subdomain of Setting up a custom domain such as or will only take a couple of minutes. You can also host the blog in a sub-directory like (see Delivery API below).

In-built SEO

We take care of the technical SEO part of the blog, such as setting HTML title and meta tags, social media tags, canonical URLs, generating sitemaps and feeds, etc.

Custom Code

Want to add Analytics or other tracking code to your website? Add custom code to the whole blog, a post, or a set of related posts.


There is no other blogging platform that makes managing a multi-language blog easier than Hyvor Blogs. Period.

Team Members

You can invite team members (users) for 6 different roles.

  • Owner - who created the blog, can access everything
  • Admin - can access everything
  • Editor - can publish and manage everyone's posts.
  • Writer - can publish and manage their posts but not others'.
  • Contributors - can write but not publish. An editor has to publish their posts.
  • Finance - can only access billing settings.

Advantages Over Competitors


Your whole blog lives in a cache, which makes it extremely fast. We also use Flashload.js to make navigation between pages faster. Your blog is served in plain HTML, without any Javascript rendering library, which improves loading time further.

Data Ownership & Privacy

When using Hyvor Blogs, you own your content. It is YOUR BLOG that is hosted on our platform. We do not use your data for anything else than serving the blog. We never sell your data to anyone. Unlike platforms like Medium, we do not use your content to generate revenue nor hide your content behind paywalls.

You can also migrate to another platform at anytime. We support exporting content in WordPress format, making it easier to migrate to almost any platform.


Hyvor Blogs is designed using latest technologies. We use industry-standard security practices do regular security checks to make our platform safe. Unlike self-hosted platforms like WordPress, Drupal, etc. you do not have to worry about updating breaking your blog on updates - we will take care of that. You can focus on writing content.

For Developers

Data API

Access public data of your blog in JSON format.

Console API

The same API we use in the Console.

Delivery API

Delivery API can be used for self-hosting a blog within an application. This is specially useful if you want to host your blog on a subdirectory within a subdirectory ( of your application.

You can also use it for hosting your blog on the Edge.


Ping a URL when there are event. We support almost every event possible in a blog.


Free Speech

We maintain a free speech policy, within the bounds of the law.

Life Insurance

If you are a paid customer, we will host your blog forever after your death. Once your family/freinds notifies us, we will archive your blog, cancel your subscription, and host your blog for free forever. And, we are a bootstrapped company who focuses on the product and customers than our growth. Therefore, it is very likely Hyvor Blogs will be there until the end of the internet, so is your blog.

Note: We are also happy to host any deceased person's personal blog on our platform for a one-time charge. Contact us for more information.


Everyone can get support at our forum from community members and the Hyvor Blogs team. Or, contact us at [email protected]. Live chat support is available for Team and Enteprise customers.

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