Custom Domain

We highly encourage you to set up a custom domain for your blog. It allows you to "own" your content completely without locking into us. It will also help you create your own brand.

Choosing a domain

Your blog can be hosted on an primary domain ( or on a subdomain ( Either way, you first need to own a domain name. Searching "buy a domain name" will direct you in the right direction. Note that buying a domain involves additional costs not included in the Hyvor Blogs subscription.

Setting up DNS Records

Once you have chosen the domain or subdomain, you have to set up an A record in DNS settings of the domain. If you are not sure how to do that, check documentation of the DNS host (Search "How to set up A record in {your provider}").

Create an A record with the following values.

You may alternatively use a CNAME record that point to

Setting up Custom Domain

Once you have set up DNS, you have to update your blog settings.

That should be all! Visit the custom domain and see if everything is working correctly. HB will auto generate a SSL certificate for your domain.