Delivery API

Delivery API tells you information about how to "serve a request". This API is the backbone of self-hosting on a subdirectory.

API Endpoint:{subdomain}

Replace {subdomain} with the subdomain of your blog. Only HTTP GET method is supported.


The Delivery API only supports two query parameters:

  • api_key - (string) Create a Delivery API key at Console → Settings → API Keys
  • path - (string) A path within your blog. The delivery API will tell you how to serve a response for this path


A success response of the Delivery API is always an object of one of the following types.

1. File

    "type": "file",
    "at": 1661590503,
    "cache": true,
    "status": 200,
    "file_type": "template",
    "content": "SGVsbG8gV29ybGQ=",
    "mime_type": "text/html",
    "cache_control": "no-cache, private"

2. Redirect

    "type": "redirect",
    "at": 1661590503,
    "cache": true,
    "status": 301,
    "to": ""


Key Type Description
type string file or redirect
at integer UNIX timestamp when the object was created
cache boolean Whether the response object should be cached in proxy/intermediary servers. false for post preview routes.
status integer HTTP Status. Can be 200, 301, or 302, or 404


Key Type Description
file_type string template, asset, or media
content string Base-64 encoded content of the file
mime_type string HTTP Mime Type of the file (For Content-Type header)
cache_control string HTTP Cache-Control header value


Key Type Description
to string URL of the redirect