Custom Domain

We highly encourage you to set up a custom domain for your blog. It allows you to "own" your content completely without locking into us. It will also help you create your own brand.

Choosing a domain

Your blog can be hosted on an primary domain ( or on a subdomain ( Either way, you first need to own a domain name. Searching "buy a domain name" will direct you in the right direction. Note that buying a domain involves additional costs not included in the Hyvor Blogs subscription.

Setting up DNS Records

Once you have chosen the domain or subdomain, you have to set up an A record in DNS settings of the domain. If you are not sure how to do that, check documentation of the DNS host (Search "How to set up A record in {your provider}").

Create an A record with the following values.

  • Host
    • @ if you want to use the primary domain ( for the blog
    • Subdomain (ex: blog) if you want to use a subdomain (
  • Value (IP Address):

You may alternatively use a CNAME record that point to

Setting up Custom Domain

Once you have set up DNS, you have to update your blog settings.

  • Go to Console → Settings → Hosting
  • Change Hosting on/at setting to Custom Domain.
  • Type the full domain name ( or in the custom domain field, and save. Do not add https:// or anything else than the domain name.

That should be all! Visit the custom domain and see if everything is working correctly. HB will auto generate a SSL certificate for your domain.


  • If your blog with custom domain is loading infinitely, please make sure you do not have any other A or AAAA records with the same hostname as your custom domain.
  • If you are using Cloudflare, make sure to disable Cloudflare proxy for your custom domain. You can do this by clicking the orange cloud icon in the DNS settings of Cloudflare.