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Add Hyvor Talk Comments to your blog

Hyvor Talks is a privacy-focused, feature-rich commenting system for websites, offering real-time discussions with spam protection and user-friendly interface. Learn how to integrate Hyvor Talk Comments with your Hyvor Blogs blog.


  • a HYVOR account. This is the same account you used for create a blog at Hyvor Blogs
  • a Growth Plan subscription for Hyvor Blogs
  1. Go to Hyvor Blogs Console.
  2. Go to Integrations → Hyvor Talk.
  3. Click on Connect Hyvor Talk
  4. Connect Hyvor Talk

    Then it will generate you a code snippet as shown above. There are two methods you can try to add this code for this integration.

    1. Click "Add to "Comments Embed Code"".
    2. Copy the code and paste it on "Comments Embed Code", then click Save.
    Paste Code

    That's it! You have successfully connected Hyvor Talk to your Hyvor Blogs. Now, you can manage your comments from the Hyvor Talk dashboard.