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Add Google Forms to your blog

Google Forms is a widely-used web forms service offered by Google for creating and managing online forms and surveys. Learn how to integrate Google Forms with your Hyvor Blogs blog.


  • A blog created using Hyvor Blogs
  • A Google account to use Google Forms
  • A form created using Google Forms

Copy the Embed Code

  1. Go to the Google form you have created
  2. Click on the Send button
  3. Send form
  4. Click on the Embed icon
  5. Copy the embed code
  6. Copy code

Add the Embed Code to Your Blog

If you want to place the form on a blog/article page,

  1. Go to the Hyvor Blogs console
  2. Go to Posts/Pages and open the post/page you want to add the form
  3. Custom code
  4. Type / and choose Custom HTML/Twig
  5. Paste the copied code and press Enter
  6. Paste code

If you want to place the form on one of the main pages of the blog (ex: index page, contact us page, about us page, footer, etc). For demonstration, the form is placed on the footer.

  1. Go to the Hyvor Blogs console
  2. Go to Themes →Templates →_footer.twig
  3. Paste the copied code where you want to place the form and click Save.
  4. Footer

That's it! You have successfully added a Google Form to your blog.