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Hyvor Blogs is a simple & powerful platform to start a fully-customizable multi-language blog.

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Custom Themes

Choose from pre-built themes or create your own theme from scratch.

Host Anywhere

Subdomain, custom domain, sub-directory... anywhere!

Multi Language

Posts, author names, tags, metadata, ...everything is easily translatable.

In-built SEO

Don't worry about technical SEO. Meta tags, sitemaps, robots.txt, are in-built.

A Powerful Console

Hyvor Blogs Console has everything you need to manage your blog easily. It is simple and initiative. The rich text editor is fun to work with. You can easily add images, embeds, code blocks, and more.

Hyvor Blogs Console

For Teams

Invite your team members and collaborate on your blog. Manage roles and permissions.

Super Fast

Blogs are super-fast due to the use of static pre-rendering and caching. No Javascript bloat.

Data Ownership

You own the content you write. You can export your content and move to another platform anytime.

Complete Control

We do not inject ads, trackers, affiliate links, paywalls to your blog. It's your blog - You decide!


Data API

Access public data of your blog as JSON using our Data API. For example, you can use it get the latest posts on your blog. The Data API makes Hyvor Blogs work as a headless CMS for an alternative front-end.

Console API

This is the same API we use in the Console. Automate some of your administrative tasks, or you can even build your own console.

Delivery API

Delivery API allows you host your blog within a subdirectory of your web applications, with the help of Webhooks.


Ping a URL when something happens on your blog (ex: when a post is created).

Web Framework Integrations

Host your blog within your web applications. More integrations are coming soon!

Testimonial User Image
Finn Pedersen
On his blog
If you just want to start creating content and need an easy-to-use tool, I recommend Hyvor Blogs. You have your first pages and blog posts in minutes. And it supports multiple languages. Most tools and websites presume that you write in English, but not Hyvor. 👍
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