A blog created with Hyvor Blogs can be embedded to a website. Let's assume you already have a website built with a website builder like Wix, Squarespace, or Webflow. And, you want to have a blog at /blog path of your website while preserving the layout of your website. You can embed the blog to do that.

How to embed

<div id="hyvor-blogs-embed-wrap"></div>
<script src="https://blogs.hyvor.com/embed/embed.js?subdomain=YOUR_SUBDOMAIN"></script>

If you add this script to the /blog page, the index page of your blog will be rendered at /blog. Other pages will be rendered using URL a query string. For example, if your blog has a hello-world post, it will be rendered at /blog?p=hello-world.

The blog is rendered inside an iframe. Therefore, CSS and Javascript are not leaked from your website to the blog or vice versa.




Iframes have been historically discouraged when it comes to SEO. However, recently search engines have improved to index content inside iframes. In fact, Google recently announced a new robots tag indexifembedded specially for iframe-embedded content, which we add to your blog's iframe.

We are working on doing a first party research on the capabilities of search engines to index content inside iframes. If you have any concerns, we can use a custom domain for hosting your blog instead of embedding.