Adding a commenting system to your blog means your readers have a way to share their opinions and participate in conversations in the blog. It can increase the authority of your blog.

Because comments are dynamic, Hyvor Blogs does not come with an in-built commenting system. However, HB integrates well with its sister product, Hyvor Talk (HT). It also comes with a reactions and a ratings widget. We invite you to visit HT website, and see its unique features to see if it fits with your needs.

Please note that HB and HT operates independently. Therefore, if you choose to use HT, you will need a separate subscription for that. If you have multiple websites, you can use Hyvor Talk on all of them with one subscription. Hyvor Talk charges based on pageviews not the number of websites.

Comments Settings: Console → Settings → Comments & Newsletter.

Using Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk integration is coming soon!

First, you have to sign up at Hyvor Talk, and get a website ID. Then, in the Hyvor Blogs comments settings, choose "Hyvor Talk" as the commenting system and paste your website ID. You should then see the Hyvor Talk comments section on your blog posts.


Currently, you have to visit the Hyvor Talk Console to moderate comments. Moderating comments through the Hyvor Blogs console is coming soon!

Using Other Commenting Systems

If you choose to use another commenting system, choose "Other" in comments settings and paste the code given by the commenting system in the "Comments Embed Code" field.

Here are other popular commenting systems.