Getting Started

Let's create a blog on Hyvor Blogs! This step-by-step detailed tutorial will teach you how to use Hyvor Blogs to make a beautiful blog. This page will be enough in most cases. However, if you like to dive deep into some features or topics, feel free to navigate through the left side bar of this documentation or use the search bar.

1. Sign up for Hyvor

If you haven't yet, create a Hyvor account at - it only takes a few minutes. You can use this account to access any Hyvor product including Hyvor Blogs.

2. Create a blog

When your account is created, navigate to This is the Hyvor Blogs Console. You will hear this name throughout this documentation. Console is where you manage everything - from writing posts to changing blog settings - in Hyvor Blogs. It is your dashboard.

Now, you will see the following window to create a blog.

Blog Name: This is the name you like to call your blog. It will be shown in the header of your blog. It is how your users will remember your blog.

Subdomain: Let's talk a little about hosting. You want other people to see your blog. To do this, you need to have a public domain name. By default, we provide a subdomain or for free for you. You can choose a Subdomain you like. However, you cannot use a subdomain already used by another Hyvor Blogs user. We use this subdomain to identify blogs within Hyvor Blogs. And, don't worry to much about the subdomain, you can change it later.

Oh, you have already bought a domain name? Awesome! We'll talk about setting up custom domains in a bit.

Click Continue after choosing a blog name and subdomain. Your blog will be ready in a few minutes with our default theme, Forte.

4. Console

Once your blog is ready, you will see the Console with its all functions. On the left navigation, you will see these:

5. Choose a Theme

All parts of your blog are important, but the Theme is the most important part of it. It is how your visitors see your blog. Go to the Blog section of the Console. You will see a preview of how your blog look like:

Your blog currently has the default theme "Forte". You may or may not want to change it. There is no "perfect" theme for a blog. The answer to the "is this theme beautiful?" is always subjective. But, you can find a "better" theme your blog and audience. Is your target audience kids? Find a theme with a large font and beautiful images. Is your target audience programmers? Find a more programming-looking theme.

Now, go to the Theme section. Here, you can see your current theme as Forte. You will also see other available themes.